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Date: Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm here again to keep my lil ranting blog alive <:

Alrights, i'm left with less than a month to my first O level paper which is Science Practical.
As those around me can see, I'm starting to study real hard now.
But laziness is still there thou! It's a part of me, cannot be blamed.
Nowadays, I'm currently studying with kly as much as I could.
Thank you to those who called me to work hard for my o's & rest assured, I will.
I dont want get beaten my Derrick'Laoda you know!

Thank you Weisheng bby for being with there for me <3

After O's, I'm gonna work work work. Nothing but work only! <:
Cause I still owe Weisheng a Sakae and Dec would be his birthday!
Ohmy, my pocket is gonna be burnt to a hole!
I'll get crazy after O's, DRINKING TIME ~

Esther bby, please study hard k!

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Date: Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to myself ♥!
Worked at Holiday Inn today & took lots of photos! Shall upload it ! <:
Bby, Matthew and Cheechuan came to fetch Me, Esther and Aaron .
Thanks guys!
They are the first few to wish me HappyBirthday to me in person!
Great thankyou to those who wished me happybirthday in Facebook and message (L).

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Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hi my lil ranting blog <:

Bby came to my house yesterday and accompanied me till 4.
Until Mummy came back home.
I owed Bby a Sakae >:
Ha , and my birthday is coming!
Bby's pocket is gonna burnt to a hole!
Haihao lah! I will pay some fees also okay!

Bby's birthday is coming soon too ,
have to work work work for his birthday <:
Plus, thank you Shuqi for your Eeyore.
Hahaha , takecare in Malacca alrights!

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